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We all talk about the health aspects of beauty and self-care, but sometimes, you have to admit you just really want plump, dewy, gorgeous-looking skin. But what if you could have both? Clean products that make your skin look ah-mazing. Enter Wong, New York City-based aesthetician with a seriously impressive celebrity following. Wong’s facials are the perfect mix of high-tech (think LED lights and microcurrent machines) and all-natural, thanks to her very own line of organic and holistic serums, toners, and masks. Wong also uses traditional Chinese medicine philosophies and believes in treating the root cause of skin problems from the inside out, not just masking them or using temporary or harsh treatments for a quick fix.

In case you can’t make it to NYC to experience Wong’s magic IRL, you can absolutely get part of the experience at home with her best-selling Black Currant Serum. Used in all of her treatments, this serum is highly concentrated and contains a combination of 12 oils that are carefully selected and custom blended: Black currant, blueberry, and cranberry seed oils bring intense hydration and reduce inflammation, argan and rose damascena oils encourage cell regeneration, while sandalwood rounds it out with a gorgeous fragrance.

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