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Oily skin, meet your ideal moisturizer.  Our lightweight and balancing moisturizer specially formulated for oily, acne-prone skin. This non-greasy formula provides essential hydration while helping to regulate sebum production and promote a clear, healthy complexion.


A light-yet-luscious whipped creme brimming with a holistic blend of Neroli, Pumpkin, Rosemary, and Orange Peel; all carefully selected to improve skin texture, calm eruptions, charge skin with nutrients, and normalize oil production without aggravating acne.


Lactic acids and pumpkin enzymes gently renew skin and clear pores, while licorice root brightens dark marks for an even skin tone. All with a natural, aromatic orange and grapefruit blossom scent that relaxes your mind and body. So concentrated, only a small amount is needed. It absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving a matte finish and a comfortable, shine-free feel.


Experience the gentle, calming effect as you apply our Oil-Control Moisturizer to your skin. It soothes inflammation and redness, promoting a calmer, more even-toned complexion. With regular use, you'll notice a visible reduction in excess oil production, a decrease in breakouts, and an overall improvement in the health and appearance of your skin.


100% custom blended with only the purest oils, organically grown herbs, and botanicals. Made in USA. Always cruelty free | *Certified Organic | **Ecocert

1.69 fl. oz | 50m