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Look Refreshed & Renewed This Spring | A Guide To Putting Seasonal Allergies

It finally appears that the warm spring weather is here to stay in New York! While the warm up is greatly appreciated after a very rainy and cold start to the season, it also brings along something that plagues many people: seasonal allergies. Experts have predicted that spring may be the worst allergy season yet. With high counts of pollen impacting a large portion of the country, many people are already struggling with the symptoms of seasonal allergies, such as itchy, puffy eyes and nasal congestion. While I’m not a doctor, I’d like to address some steps you can take to relieve the puffiness around your eyes and the sinus congestion that come from seasonal allergies. What I love about these remedies is that they focus on both appearance – making you look less puffy and inflamed – but also health – giving you sinus pressure relief and soothing itchy eyes.

DIY Eucalyptus Facial Steam As I’ve mentioned in the past, steam is a key tool that estheticians use to keep their clients’ skin looking amazing. However, I love how it’s so easy to utilize steam at home to soften the skin, increase circulation, and increase product absorption. Steam is also often recommended when dealing with respiratory problems or a sinus issue, as it helps to open up the airways to loosen mucus and increase airflow. I chose to incorporate eucalyptus into this recipe thanks to its ability to aid congestion. This easy DIY facial steam recipe really helps to relieve sinus pressure, especially when combined with the Gua Sha massage featured below the recipe.

Sinus Gua Sha Immediately after steaming your face, I recommend performing some therapeutic Gua Sha massage on the face while the nasal passages are open. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Gua Sha, it is an ancient facial therapy rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Gua Sha is used both as a beauty treatment, as well as for its powerful therapeutic benefits. This technique is great for promoting lymphatic drainage, which allows the body to rid itself of toxins. To begin, apply two drops of my Black Currant Serum to prep the skin so the massage tool can move with ease over the skin. Next, using my Rose Quartz Gua Sha Massage Tool, start by positioning the tool on one side of your nose and in an upward motion, using gentle pressure, draw the tool outward toward the side of your face, gliding over your sinuses. Repeat this soothing action at least 5-10 times and then repeat on the other side of the face.

Rub Ice on the Face While it may sound so simple, ice is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that can do wonders for your skin. Using ice to de-puff is a longstanding ritual of mine and I love how this makes me look right afterwards. For those experiencing allergies that cause the eye area to become itchy and swell, I know it can be difficult to get relief, as the area is already sensitive and applying anything topically can make things worse. That is why I recommend rubbing an ice cube in a circular motion over the delicate eye area, starting from the inner corner and moving outward and back around. The cold temperature helps to reduce inflammation and will feel soothing. This is a great ritual to add to your skincare routine even if you don’t have allergies, as the cold temperature of the ice helps to perk up the eye area leaving you looking more awake and refreshed. Do you struggle with seasonal allergies? Did you know about these simple techniques that can help give you relief? Feel free try my suggestions for relieving seasonal allergy symptoms and see how they make you look and feel refreshed and renewed instead of puffy and inflamed. With all my love, Cecilia


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