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Mother Knows Best: Cecilia Shares Her Own Mother's Wellness Tips

My mother has always been a big proponent of using food to heal, from the inside out. She knew if she took care of herself by eating well, that it would show on her skin. Growing up, we would have red date tea at least once a week. We would also have soup regularly, which is integral to Chinese culture. My mom would tailor a basic soup recipe (which included ingredients like pork bones, watercress, and carrots) to help support different areas she wanted to work on. For example when she was looking for something anti-aging and nourishing, she would add ginseng and chicken to the recipe.

She did a lot of yoga when I was growing up, teaching me poses along the way. In fact, she became a yoga instructor herself. She was always very active, knowing that exercise helps the lymphatic system and aids circulation. To this day she’s one of the most active people I know, dancing and doing yoga quite regularly. My mother was always resourceful, using what she already had to make wellness a priority. She didn’t have a ton of money or time but always found a way to incorporate movement and healthy food into her life.

My mom has always been a very happy person. Both laughing a lot and enjoying life were really important to her. She has always been great at keeping a very calm environment, even when she's quite stressed. My mom is a social butterfly and I always like to say that she could talk to a stranger about nothing. I think her sunny outlook and the fact that she’s such a people person have kept her looking and feeling young. My mom is in her early sixties but certainly doesn’t look it – sometimes I think she has more energy than I do!

Overall, my mom’s tenants of being healthy and happy have stayed with me throughout life. I can only hope to be more like her, both inside and out, as I age.

Did your mom impact your health and beauty habits? If so, what are your favorite things that your mom taught you? Feel free take my mom’s advice in order to be well from the inside out, all while aging gracefully! Thank you so much for reading and so generously sharing! It's always wonderful sharing these fabulous tips with you all!

With all my love,


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