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The Amazing Treatment That’s Better Than Botox

I couldn’t imagine not having microcurrent technology in my treatment room. This amazing technology helps the skin to appear more youthful, healthy, and replenished and has allowed many of my clients to move away from toxic anti-aging treatments like Botox for good. It’s crazy to think that one of the buzziest facial treatments around was originally introduced within the medical community. It wasn’t for many years until anyone even thought of implementing the technology for cosmetic purposes. I love that this treatment actually helps to improve overall health (thanks to the lymphatic drainage it provides) while also providing real, visible results. Today, I wanted to share more with you about the history of microcurrent and how it can benefit your skin.

Microcurrent technology itself is a low-level electrical current that stimulates muscles and tissue beneath the skin itself. Madonna, along with other A-list celebrities have made the microcurrent facial an essential part of their beauty routine. Many have called this technology “the ultimate workout for your face” thanks to the way it tones the muscles in the face, producing a more youthful appearance. Microcurrent technology builds collagen leaving skin plump while lifting facial muscles, contouring the jawline, and diminishing wrinkles, all while alleviating dark circles, excess water, and fine lines.

I designed my Sculpt & Empower Microcurrent Facial as the perfect combination of this technology and others for a full spectrum approach to making your skin look its absolute best. Cleansing, microcurrent technology, lymphatic drainage massage, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Spray infused with Black Currant Serum are all included in the treatment. The microcurrent facial is designed for all skin types and even benefits young people, as this will prevent the natural progression of aging. This treatment boasts immediate results, comparable to plastic surgery or Botox.

In the 1830’s, Dr. Carlos Matteucci proved that the human body lets off an electrical current when injured generated by the injured tissue. Since this finding, microcurrent technology has been used by medical practitioners in the treatment of a variety of ailments thanks to its ability to repair the body 2-3 times faster than without the technology. Eventually, the healing modality was implemented for the treatment of Bell’s palsy, or facial paralysis. Doctors found that multiple patients were not only getting relief from the paralysis, but also that the treatment seemed to have powerful anti-aging effects as well. It was based on this finding that microcurrent technology became approved for cosmetic applications.

As I’ve discussed many times, your lymphatic system is one of the most important, yet often neglected, systems in your body. As part of circulatory system, this system plays a key role in your immune system and when it doesn’t work optimally, toxic buildup can occur. That’s why it’s so important to rid your body of toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system. I always recommend dry brushing, gua sha, and microcurrent facials for those who are looking to help remove toxicity from their bodies. Microcurrent facials are amazing for lymphatic drainage and, as a result, will aid puffiness by draining the extra water and inflammation that prevent you from looking and feeling your best. Additionally, thanks to how the technology stimulates your muscles, it helps to lift, firm, and tone your face, for a more youthful appearance. Are you familiar with the benefits of microcurrent facials? Did you know that this amazing technology originated in the medical community? Feel free to email me at to book your first Sculpt & Empower Microcurrent Facial and get these astonishing results for yourself!


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