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The Dog Days Of Summer + Your Skin: How The Hot Hot Humidity Can Negatively Impact Your Complexion

Hello Gorgeous!

It has certainly been one humid summer here in New York City. While it hasn’t been a record-breaking hot summer temperature wise, the humidity levels have certainly been up there, making it feel significantly warmer than the thermometer reads. While we usually pay more attention to the skin at times when humidity is low (i.e. when skin gets dry during the cold months of the year), high humidity can impact the skin too, particularly for those who tend to suffer from acne and pore congestion. As I mentioned, when humidity is high, the temperature feels hotter, which leads to increased sweat and oil production, ultimately leaving the pores clogged. Many of my clients consider humidity to be a mortal enemy, preventing them from having the clear, glowing skin they long for. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, acne is a symptom of having excess heat in the body, which can be due to a variety of things, but in this case, we’ll focus on excess heat as a result of the physical environment. Excessive moist heat also relates to what is known as dampness in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Today, I’ll be sharing a few different techniques for ridding your skin of the negative effects of humidity and dampness.

Cleansing during times of high humidity is key. Without being diligent about cleansing, excessive dirt can build up on the skin’s surface, blocking the pores and leading to a breakout. I created my Vitamin C Cleanser with loads of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals to give you healthy, glowing skin to start and end your day. I crafted this cleanser with a medley of good-for-you ingredients to brighten, reduce skin inflammation and balance oil production with a holistic blend of tangerine, alfalfa, borage, parsley and aloe. Tangerine, borage, and aloe are all said to be cooling in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which helps to counteract the dampness associated with humidity and how it affects the skin. In addition, I suggest keeping my Chamomile Toner with you to mist throughout the day to keep the skin hydrated while also killing bacteria. This award-winning lightweight mist contains probiotics to stop acne before it flares up. Chamomile and radish root balance oil levels, while rosemary, lavender, and lemon naturally help kill bacteria on skin’s surface. I designed this formula so that it can be used both underneath and on top of makeup, as well as before and after a workout. I also love that this toner can be used to help kill bacteria from other items in a pinch, such as your yoga mat. After all, continuously resting your head on your dirty yoga mat during child’s pose can also lead to breakouts. Be sure to spritz on your mat liberally to help kill the bacteria that can make your acne worse!

From those of you who struggle with cystic acne, I highly recommend getting a professional facial in order to have an aesthetician perform extractions. Extractions are an excellent way to manually clear clogged pores, however, I cannot stress enough how important it is to never perform them on yourself at home. By doing so, you can create permanent damage such as scarring. Aestheticians, like myself, have been trained to understand the skin and the necessary angles for extracting sebum from the pores. Personally, when I have a new client struggling with acne, I like to discuss a facial regimen during the initial consultation so we can make a plan for eradicating the issue. Typically, I recommend most clients to come in for a facial once a month to help clear the skin efficiently. The facial treatment that I most often choose for my clients suffering from acne is my Oxygen Facial. Though I do personalize each treatment according to my client’s needs, this facial is the perfect universal solution for re-booting or jump-starting your skin. In just one treatment, your skin will be silky smooth, erasing fine lines and wrinkles, and your face will be visibly hydrated and plump. I utilize my line of Cecilia Wong Skincare products to gently unclog pores and remove all blackheads and blemishes. I also incorporate pure oxygen to kill bacteria, leaving your skin a clean and clear complexion.

For at home maintenance, I highly recommend using my Blemish Peel Mask, which can be used in three ways: as a 3-minute peel, a spot treatment, and an overnight mask. This mask utilizes the powerful herbs sage and spearmint, which remove toxins and oxygenate the skin (and have cooling properties, as well, to combat dampness and heat), while gentle but potent Kaolin Clay draws out impurities from pores. I recommend using this as a full-face peel 1-2 times a week to start, as well as a spot treatment on any particularly bad blemishes.

Ultimately, while there is little that can be done to prevent humidity from affecting your skin the first place, the preventative techniques I’ve discussed for alleviating breakouts can make a huge difference. Remember that consistency is key when it comes to cleansing, toning, facials, and treatments, and doing them once in a while or only when you’re experiencing a particularly bad breakout, will do little to truly eradicate the situation. I know that acne can be frustrating but when you follow a strict protocol to diminish it, you can see amazing results!

Did you know the ways in which humidity affects the skin? Does this change your perspective on caring for your skin during the humid months? Feel free to try out my suggestions for eradicating acne brought on by humidity and let me know how they make your skin look and feel clear and glowing! I would like to thank you so much for reading and so generously sharing! It’s always amazing sharing these great tips with you all!​​​​​​​

With all my love, Cecilia

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