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For All Skin Type.


The black Currant Serum is a true elixir of beauty crafted with utmost care and devotion. Harnessing the power of nature's finest, this luxurious serum is an embodiment of radiance and rejuvenation. Infused with the essence of handpicked black currant oil, renowned for their abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids, our serum delivers unparalleled nourishment to your skin. It awakens a vibrant glow, restoring youthfulness, and unveiling a complexion that exudes vitality.


A proprietary blend of 12 precious, skin-nutrifying oils, enrich skin with the right balance of nutrients. A hint of rose otto and sandalwood aroma.


Our carefully curated formula combines the potent benefits of black currant with other natural ingredients, thoughtfully selected for their skin-loving properties. Each drop of this elixir works harmoniously to replenish moisture, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve overall skin texture.


With its silky texture and captivating fragrance, our Black Currant Serum transcends the boundaries of mere skincare. It becomes a sensorial journey, a moment of indulgence and self-care, as you pamper your skin and embrace the enchanting essence of nature.


100% custom blended with only the purest oils, organically grown herbs, and botanicals. Made in USA. Vegan | Always cruelty free

0.68 fl. oz | 20 mL


SKU: 0001
    • Plump and hydrated skin
    • Fine lines and wrinkles diminished
    • Even toned and brighter complexion
    • Youthful and glowing skin.

    Embrace the transformative powers of our Black Currant Serum and unlock your skin's full potential. Allow nature's beauty to intertwine with your own, as you radiate confidence, luminosity, and a renewed sense of self. Experience the magic of our serum and let your skin tell a story of its own.

  • Star Ingredients:

    • Blackcurrant seed oil : Anti-Inflammatory, anti-aging, rich in essential fatty acids, helps to reduce wrinkles and repair tissue damage, useful in treating eczema. 
    • Blueberry seed oil : Rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, phytonutrients; Helps boost skin elasticity, repair damaged tissue, reduce fine lines and wrinkles 
    • Cranberry seed oil : Rich in Vitamins A & E, phytosterols, phospholipids and essential fatty acids; provides intense hydration for skin;relief from scaly, itchy skin 
    • Red Raspberry seed oil : Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamins A, E; known to reduce oxidative stress 
    • Argan oil : Intensive anti-ager and antioxidant; known to tighten skin, increases elasticity, speed up cell renewal
    • Rosa Damascena oil : Regenerates skin cells and reverses aging

    Ingredients: Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Ribes Nigrum (Blackcurrant) Seed Oil, Daucus Carota (Carrot) Seed Oil, Rubus Ideaus (Red Raspberry) Seed Oil, Vaccinium Corymbosum (Blueberry) Seed Oil, Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Cranberry) Seed Oil, Urtica Dioica (Nettle) Seed Oil, Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam) Seed Oil,  Argania Spinosa (Argan) Oil, Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Oil, Sandalwood, Vitamin E (Tocopherols) 

    No Parabens | No Sulfates | No Petrochemicals | No Synthetic emulsifiers | No Alcohol | No Artificial colors | No Mineral oil | No Artificial fragrances


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