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Sensitive skin needs a moisturizer with a sensitive solution. Silky-light with a velvety touch, this comforting cream actually acts as an anti-inflammatory treatment while healing, hydrating and balancing skin. Delicately composed with a holistic blend of powerhouse ingredients.


Skin acts stronger, less reactive. A barrier of antioxidants derived from super anti-ager blackcurrant seed tenderly cloaks skin with protection, while the natural aromatic scent that calms your mind and body. With its gentle touch, our moisturizer works harmoniously with your skin, delivering a surge of hydration without causing redness or irritation. It calms and soothes even the most sensitive skin types, providing relief from dryness, tightness, and discomfort.


100% custom blended with only the purest oils, organically grown herbs, and botanicals. Made in USA. Always cruelty free | *Certified Organic | **Ecocert

1.69 fl. oz | 50 mL